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Welcome to the award-winning poochsite.com, where you can get tips for the first-time dog-owner, behavioral issues, training, and the practicalities of having a dog. 

Dog Pros : All the wonderful things about "man's best friend" that every dog-owner likes to hear!

Pre-Dog: Addresses questions everyone should ask before getting a dog, pertaining to an individual's lifestyle and suitability. Topics range from your daily schedule, type of residence, expense, other animals in the household, as well as children. Lest you are discouraged, some practical solutions are suggested! Dog selection: Discusses the criteria for choosing your pup or full-grown pooch, boy or girl! Where, what and how?

Dog prep: The things you will need before Fido's arrival. Some are indispensable (e.g.. collar and leash) and food, others may depend on your lifestyle.

Dog training and behavior: The BIG ONE! Potty or housetraining, and also behavior issues and suggested sources for more reading and information. Also a small section on naming your dog and identification.

Dog health: Choosing your vet, benefits of vaccinations (including additional resources), cold weather and your dog.

Travel and other tidbits : Section on travel options, including boarding your dog vs. getting in-home care, and a word on electronic feeders.Also addresses "pet containment" or electronic fencing, with links for additional information.

Dog x 2: Are you going to expand your doggy family, and if so, things to consider.

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